Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome Back ....

I hope you have had a great break and are ready for the new school year!
I also hope this will be the last post on this our "old" library website...
I have decided to improve the way I present resources on the different topics we study at Hurstville South so I have begun a new "weebly" site-  two pages have been started so far for year 1 and year 3 & 4.
Look out for the online changes and look out for changes in the library too.
I plan to update displays and signage to make it easier for the students to find new and interesting books to read :-)
This year I am in the library 5 days a week. If you have some spare time and would like to help, pop in to the library, there is always something to do!

Remember: keep on reading :-)
Mrs Blake

Monday, August 26, 2013

Reading Hour

We are looking forward to having another Reading Hour "read in"!
The whole school will head on down to the hall with their peer support buddies and read!
We will show case some student book trailers, announce the winners of this years book awards and do a quiz - lots of fun for everyone :-)
Parents and grandparents are most welcome, bring a book and a cushion to join in the fun ...
When: Tuesday 27th August
Time: 9:45 - 11:00 am
Place: Hall

Keep on reading!
Mrs B

Monday, July 15, 2013

Semester 2 already!

2013  is as busy as I predicted, hence I'm only now getting back to updating news on the blog....

Kindy have settled very well, with many remembering to borrow each week :-) They love to choose their books, both fiction and fact. Snakes Alive is a very popular title as are books on animals (any kind), cars, trains and planes!
Kindy are developing their listening skills and starting to think more deeply about the stories we share in Library time. They love to tell me what they think will happen next!

Year One and Two are becoming quite proficient at giving their opinion with comments on the Stage One Readers and Thinkers Blog. We are looking at the books that have been short listed for this years Children's book of the year.  The winners will be announced in Book Week, August 17th - 23rd.

Years Three and Four have already done a variety of things and this semester looks equally varied with author studies, narrative writing and looking at growing and changing!

Years five and six have written book reviews and researched an author. Year six have been busy writing a script for an "interview" with their author and will record the "interviews" on their ipads early this term :-) Year 5 and 4/5M will begin researching rainforests this term and are looking forward to using their ipads for research and presenting their learning!

In all we are expecting a very busy term...

Keep on reading :-)
Mrs B

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome back!

2013 looks like it will be another busy year in the library at Hurstville South :-)

For us, every year is a "Year of Reading", so we will start borrowing Monday of Week Two.

Throughout the year we will look at literature, research skills and using technology to enhance our research and love of reading.

In Term 1, our focus for
  • Kindy and Years 3 to 6 will be on great Australian authors.  I am hoping students will discover a new author and new favourite books! Year 3 to 6 will have the opportunity to research about an Australian author and share their information with their class- this will require them to use their developing research and technology skills.
  • Years 1 & 2 will also be developing research and technology skills to support their learning in Science. In particular they will be looking at finding good information using books and the internet.
Just to let you know....
  • our Term 4 Book Fair was very successful, we were able to spend over $1600 on books  for the school - so lots of lovely new books!
  • we now have air-conditioning in the library - a welcome relief on hot days - no doubt the library will be even more popular at lunchtime!
  • if you have book covering skills, or are happy to learn, you'd be most welcome - we have lots of new books to cover!!
Feel free to drop into the library if you have a question or time to help :-) - I am here Mondays to Thursday.
Hope to see you this year.
Keep on reading!
Mrs Blake

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Term 3 update

What a busy term!
Stage 3 students have been busily working on book trailers, Stage 2 have been learning to write and publish book reviews and Stage 1 have been creating PowerPoint presentations. However, for me, the highlight was the whole school reading in the hall for Reading Hour!

Book Week - Reading Hour

Wednesday, August 22nd, saw the whole school gather in the hall in their peer support groups. Everyone brought along a picture book to share with a buddy from their group, and the seniors also brought along their pencil cases so the group could respond to their reading on the big piece of paper provided.
Our hour started with the "Gotta Keep Reading" youtube clip to get us in the mood and was followed up with the viewing of a number of book trailers. Younger students then read to their buddy and they drew something from their story to begin their groups mural - some students included words to describe their book - it was great to see lots of positive comments!
After an "ad break" - a few more book trailers - the older students read to their buddy and responded with more drawings :-) The students also participated in a quiz on this year's Shortlisted picture books and other favourites regularly borrowed from the library.
Much fun was had by all and it was a "real buzz" to see the enjoyment that can come from reading!
Thank you HSPS kids for making it a great success with your enthusiasm for reading :-)


By the end of August, we had over 150 students who completed the challenge and recorded their books - what a fantastic effort from those students!
It was great to hear, that because of the challenge, many students read books that they might not have previously chosen. It was also good to hear that some of these books became new favourites!
Well done and look out for your certificates in Term 4 :-)
And remember ... just because the challenge is over for this year, don't stop reading....

New Furniture

Our new desks have arrived!
There is plenty of room for netbooks, pencil cases and books!
Now all students can fit and be comfortable :-)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Reading ...

Premier's Reading Challenge
The deadline is fast approaching - check out the countdown on the right to see how many days you have left to read and record your books....

The Reading Hour
Around Australia, people will be participating in the Reading Hour on Saturday August 25th. Why not take the opportunity to enjoy some books together as a family.

At school, we hope to have a reading "get-together" during Book Week - so keep an eye out for when, what and where!

Book Week
Champions Read!
August 18th to 24th
Many great books have been nominated for this year's Book of the Year awards and the winners will be announced during Book Week. We have purchased those titles suitable for K – 6 students and we are enjoying them in our classes and the library. 

As part of our Literacy program, students in years 3 -6 will be making book trailers for their favourite books. Years 5 & 6 have already been working busily and hope to have their book trailers finished for Book Week. Years 3 & 4 have just begun looking at book reviews and will start their book trailers later this term.

Until then, enjoy book trailers made by the professionals for some of this year's shortlisted books:
Rudie Nudie:

The Last Viking:

The Golden Door:

Monday, July 16, 2012

A busy term ahead...

Welcome back!

Term 3 is a busy term with lots of things happening.
Here are just some of the important events
the Premier's Reading Challenge!! 
Deadline: Monday 27th August
Students have just 
40 days
[as of Monday July 16 - check out the countdown, top right, to see how much time you have now!]
(We finish a few days early so I have enough time to validate all the records)